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"The Sand Lady"
As she is known by the children.

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I consider it a privilege to work with the parents, children and individuals who come to me. Distress comes in many forms and each persons reactions to change are different. Many changes that affect a person come from divorce, separation, moving, death or a family member. Supporting you is my first priority whatever your situation. I am committed to working with you toward a positive solution to the problem.

SandPlay is not simply play! The collection enables an individual, to use 'images' in a deep and meaningful way. People are often amazed at the benefits gained from choosing this particular therapy for themselves or their child(ren). "Play is the Work of Children." At heart we are all children.

I work to recognize that the whole individual is coming for help. Next, where is this unique individual struggling in their life: family, school, workplace, relationships? Every person has strengths and weaknesses, what challenges are creating the crisis at this time? Our focus will be on small, achievable goals.

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